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Why choose the Patient Engagement Platform?
Why choose the Patient Engagement Platform?

Seamlessly communicate with your patients.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

Our HIPAA compliant, secure, 2-way messaging platform makes it easier than ever to connect with patients. Pharmacies have let us know that they'd prefer to spend more time off the phone, interacting with patients that are in the store. Because of that, the Patient Engagement Platform was brought to life. Instead of calling patients, leaving voicemails, and playing phone tag, send a quick message, that the patient can respond to on their own time.

The Patient Engagement Platform has been used to request delivery information, conduct symptom checks, provide med adherence direction, and share insurance information. Patients aren't required to download an app or create a login. They will verify their identity with a unique link and their date of birth.

Still aren't sure? See what these pharmacists had to say:

“On average, it takes us about five phone calls before we can get ahold of a patient,” Dr. Crouch said. “Whether we’re calling to let them know their prescriptions are ready or to confirm delivery options, it always took us some time to reach the patient. Now, we can text them one time and the patients can respond back when they get the chance.” - Bobbi Wisekal Crouch, PharmD Baton Rouge AHF Pharmacy

“By deploying Digital Pharmacist's 2-way messaging tool, a job that would have taken our techs 2 to 3 hours twice a week, now only takes an hour. Patients prefer messaging over phone calls. They can respond and explain why they haven't picked up their medication or let us know if they prefer to have their medication delivered. We have seen around a 10% improvement in our return to stock numbers as a result of 2-way messaging." - Jay Patel, PharmD Bellevue Drug Company

Have more questions? Click the link below, or give us a call at (877) 959-7550.

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