Can patients message me from PocketRx?

Put your messages in the hands of your patients.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

Yes! Patients can respond to messages sent from your Inbox, directly within your PocketRx app.
The patient will receive a text notification, advising that you have sent them a secure message. As long as they have your app downloaded, they will be routed directly to their in-app Inbox. 

If needed, they will be able to select which patient the message was sent to. This is especially beneficial if a caretaker is managing prescriptions for multiple patients; like a mom managing the family's medications, or a nurse in a long term care facility. 

Any link or phone number sent through the Messaging platform is clickable. If you send your a patient a phone number to call, or a link to access, they'll be able to access it directly from the in-app Inbox. 

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