Demand for COVID vaccinations is on the rise, and pharmacies are inundated with phone calls, messages, and in-person requests for a COVID vaccine. Digital Pharmacist’s Vaccination Waitlists keeps your staff off the phones by allowing patients to sign up on their own, so your team can stop answering redundant questions and stay on top of the already busy workload.


  • COVID Vaccination Opt-In Form. Direct patients to the form on your website to reduce the number of questions your staff has to field. Many of our customers are including IVR greetings that mention the waitlist to get ahead of the questions when patients call in.

  • Automatically Qualify Patients. When patients sign up, they will automatically be qualified into the appropriate vaccination phase based on CDC guidelines.

  • Simplify Outreach By Downloading Each Group. You can view the number of patients in each waitlist group and download each as a CSV for immediate use, whether it’s in our secure bulk-messaging platform or your own process.

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