Patient Engagement Platform Plus gives you the ability to send mass messages to patients based on their personal prescription history.

They'll be most easily identified by the patient count bubble on the message.

Currently, there are four Targeted Workflow messages included with Patient Engagement Platform Plus:

  • Diabetes PDC Intervention - Ensure diabetes patients are checking their A1c's, taking their insulin, and monitoring for side effects.
  • Hypertension PDC Intervention - Check in with hypertension patients that have unused medications. Ask if they're experiencing side effects like cough, lightheadedness/dizziness, or changes in heart rate.
  • Cholesterol PDC Intervention - Touch base with patients that have extra cholesterol medication. Encourage them to share information on how you can help make sure their meds are taken as prescribed, and whether or not they're experiencing side effects.
  • Immunization Opportunity - Notify patients that they may be eligible for a flu shot, and open the conversation about scheduling an appointment with you.

Of course, all of the Targeted Workflow messages are completely editable. Adjust any of the templates to better fit the pharmacy's needs. Click the button below for more information on how to edit the message templates.

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