Each year during the Annual Enrollment Period, pharmacists spend countless hours each hear helping their patients determine which plan is right for them based on their unique drug regimens. eHealth can help take this work off their shoulders while ensuring they retain their valuable customers in the process.

With our eHealth partnership there is no cost to pharmacies or patients. eHealth has helped over 1 million seniors enroll in the right Medicare plan. They specialize in meeting patients where they want to be met:

  • Shop online - End-to-end digital quoting and enrollment with powerful decision support tools

  • Enroll over the phone - Telephonic benefit consultants focused on ensuring your patients stay with your pharmacy.

  • eHealth has the largest supply of carriers and plans across the country

Finally, eHealth's service levels are unmatched. They currently hold a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91. Net Promoter Scores measure a customer's satisfaction and loyalty to a given company. The score can range between -100 and 100. For example, Netflix has an NPS of 68, Starbucks' NPS is 77, and Amazon's is 62. eHealth is a trustworthy parter for Digital Pharmacist, your pharmacy, and your patients.

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