How to Get More Digital Refills

Tips and tricks to improve your digital presence.

Written by Justin Whitener
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When patients submit their refills digitally:

  • Patients can refill on their own time.

  • Patients can refill prescriptions for multiple patients at one time.

  • The pharmacy staff can spend less time on the phone, and more time interacting with patients in-store.

  • Your pharmacy is "open," accepting refills 24/7.

Here are a few quick tips to get the word out about your digital services:

  • Staple print marketing to the front of your prescription bags.

  • Have staff request patient cell phone numbers at point of sale, to send a text to download your mobile app from the Mobile page on your Healthsite.

  • Hold a raffle, and enter any patient's name that submits their refill digitally (can be found under the Refills tab on your dashboard).

  • Add an announcement to your IVR greeting, promoting your digital solutions.

  • Post about your Healthsite refill form and PocketRx on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Advertise on Facebook and Instagram with our Digital Marketing service.

  • Place an announcement in your weekly Newsletter.

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