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Why choose PocketRx?
Why choose PocketRx?

Put your pharmacy in the hands of your patients.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

In today's society, everyone is on the go. Let your patients request a refill any time, any where.

Patients that use PocketRx are able to take advantage of the following tools:

  • Request a refill

  • Store a list of medications

  • Manage prescriptions for multiple patients

  • Set recurring reminders

  • Check their order history

  • Read current health news articles

  • Access manufacturer coupons

  • Check the store's hours

  • Click to call the store

  • Navigate between your different pharmacy locations (if applicable)

We configure the app to be unique to your pharmacy. When the patient clicks into PocketRx, they will be presented with your logo every time. Your brand and your service is what sets your pharmacy apart, and we want to ensure patients are reminded of you each time they digitally submit a refill.

If we are integrated into your pharmacy's Practice Management Software, patients' refill requests can drop directly into your queue. If the patient is submitting an incorrect rx number, a prescription that is not ready to be filled, an expired refill, or any number of reasons that your Practice Management Software identifies, we will share that information with the patient. From there, the patient or pharmacy can take any necessary actions to request the appropriate refill.

Have questions or would like to learn more about PocketRx? Click the link below, or give us a call at (877) 959-7550.

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