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Why choose Digital Marketing?
Why choose Digital Marketing?

Grow your online presence with Digital Marketing.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

Digital Marketing is a quick and easy way to place your pharmacy in front of more people within your community. 

Have you ever seen people scroll through their phone while waiting in line? Maybe they even check social media. We want to put your pharmacy in front of people in your area as they scroll through Facebook and Instagram. 

With our Digital Marketing package, you will receive a designated Digital Marketing expert to manage your monthly advertising campaigns on behalf of your pharmacy. These ads can highlight your pharmacy services, a promotion, or your longstanding support of your community. We tailor all ads to your pharmacy and what you uniquely stand for. 

With each Digital Marketing subscription, the following is included:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Monthly Facebook social posts

  • Wellness Classes (learn more here)

  • Lead Tracking phone numbers - Professional Package and up (learn more here)

Have questions or would like to learn more about Digital Marketing? Click the link below, or give us a call at (877) 959-7550.

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