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What is available under the Resources tab?
What is available under the Resources tab?

We provide the pharmacy with more tools and resources than ever before.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

The resources tab gives you links to additional tools for the pharmacy. 

The Newsletter tab will take you directly to the Newsletter page in the Legacy Dashboard. Click the link below to watch a video on how to use and customize the Newsletter.


This tab will bring you to the Reviews page in the Legacy Dashboard. Keep in mind, the reviews presented are for the pharmacy's eyes only. They are collected when a patient submits a refill through the website. The reviews are meant to help get a baseline of how the pharmacy is performing. 

The Wellness Classes are a service included with the Digital Marketing service. Click the link below for more information regarding Wellness Classes. 

Help Center:
This tab will bring you back to the Home Page of this help portal. If you have any questions, and just need a quick answer, we ensure you have easy access to our compendium of frequently asked questions. 

The status page provides an operational status of each service we provide. If you're ever concerned about an outage, you can check here, or subscribe to our status emails. 

On our blog, you are able to review our archive of articles and case studies. Click through our recent articles, or subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date. 

Print Marketing:
The Print Marketing page provides you with tools to market your app, website, or messaging services to your patients. Simply print out the bag stuffers or table tents, and you'll be able to get the word out about your digital tools. 

If you have any questions, or would like to update to the newest Dashboard, please click the link below, or call us at 877-959-7550. 

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