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How do I add a card to my Newsletter?
How do I add a card to my Newsletter?

Post custom promotions and announcements in your weekly Newsletter

Written by Justin Whitener
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To access your Newsletter, log in to your dashboard and navigate to the More tab and click eNewsletter.

Once you select the upcoming Newsletter you will be given the option to add an existing card or create a new one. You are able to add up to three cards.

When you create a card you are first asked to give the card a title.

Next, you will add a header followed by a promo image. You are able to drag and drop an image or upload one from your computer. Keep in mind, when adding an image, it must be at least 598 pixels wide and 280 pixels high.

From there you are able to add additional text and create a button. You will see a preview of your card on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

When you are done editing you will click on Create Card. Now your card is ready to be added to your newsletter.

Custom content within your newsletter can draw engagement to your in-store promotions, bring awareness to health content, or simply make your Newsletters more personal. Be sure to publish your content by no later than Monday night, to ensure it is added with enough time to be included in the Tuesday Newsletter. 

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