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Getting started with your Digital Pharmacist dashboard
Getting started with your Digital Pharmacist dashboard

Tips for navigating your dashboard

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To access your Digital Pharmacist dashboard, navigate to , click “login” and enter your username and password. If you’re unsure what  your login credentials are, please contact our Success team. 

Main dashboard: 

  • When you first login to your dashboard, you will be brought to the main homepage which displays your mobile app and Healthsite stats.

    From the main page, you can see how many refills your patients submit digitally, the number of mobile downloads you receive, and overall Healthsite traffic. If you’re running any initiatives or advertising campaigns, you’ll be able to narrow down when you’re seeing more traffic as a result of those efforts.

    We suggest logging into your dashboard at least once a week so you can keep up with how your Digital Pharmacist products are performing and how many patients are interacting with your app and Healthsite. 


  • The newsletter is a weekly email that is written by our pharmacist on staff, and sent to all patients who have subscribed. It is branded to your pharmacy, and you can add custom information, like promotions or messages, that go out with the newsletter each week.


  • Our wellness classes are created with you in mind and are developed by our in house pharmacist. They’re meant to help educate your patients and can be used as an additional revenue stream if you choose to charge for these classes. Click here for more information on how to leverage these. 

Reviews : 

  • Internal reviews will be populated in your dashboard that are collected from your refill form. After patients refill their prescription on your Healthsite, they will be prompted to leave a review. Reviews are a great way to understand how your patients view your pharmacy and allow you to make adjustments based on their feedback. 

Have more questions? Click the link below, or call us at 877-959-7550.

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