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Getting started with PocketRx
Getting started with PocketRx

Key things you should know about your new mobile app.

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With the mobile app, your patients have the opportunity to conveniently and securely refill prescriptions, right at their fingertips.

Your mobile app offers many of the features that are also available on the Healthsite, but it is optimized for the mobile experience.

How-to install your app: 

Install via your Healthsite (suggested): 

  1. Navigate to the “Mobile” page on your Healthsite.

  2. Have patients enter their phone number in the text-to-download block and click “Send Text”.

  3. Patients can download the app right from the message they received.

Install from the App Store or Google Play: 

  1. Patient should navigate to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), and search for PocketRx.

  2. When downloaded,  PocketRx will be accessible from their phone. 

  3. Once the app opens, the patient will search their zip code, and confirm you as their pharmacy. 

More about your Mobile App 

All refills that come through your mobile app will be transmitted to you via secure fax or placed directly into your Pharmacy Management System (PMS) queue if integrated. Click here to view a full list of PMS systems we integrate with.

We can edit your business information (hours, email address, phone number, etc), logo, color scheme, and hide coupons on your mobile app. If there is a change you’d like to make, please reach out to our Success team. 

Tips & Tricks for success: 

  1. Keep the Mobile page of your Healthsite open on all workstations/ points of sale. When a patient is checking out, ask for their phone number, and enter it in the text-to-download portion of the Healthsite. They'll immediately get a text to download your app. 

  2. With Reminders, patients can send push notifications to their phone. They can set reminders to refill a prescription, take medication, call the doctor, and more. 

  3. Talk about your new, free mobile app! Inform patients at checkout, tell your Facebook followers, put up in store signs - anything that gets the word out about your app will end up helping increase the number of digital refills you receive. Click here to access print marketing tools. 

Have more questions? Click the link below, or call us at 877-959-7550.

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