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How do patients create their profile from the Healthsite?
How do patients create their profile from the Healthsite?

Patients can store their information, for easy accessibility in the future.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

When a patient first submits a refill from the Healthsite, they will be prompted to create an account. 

The patient is then asked to verify their account with a code sent to their email.

Once the account has been verified, the patient will enter some personal information and click next.

Next, the patient will select the pharmacy location, if you have multiple locations, and choose how they wish to procure their medication.

The patient will then be prompted to add their medication.

Once the medication has been added, the patient will be able to submit their refill.

After the patient submits the refill, we will let them know whether or not it was successful.

The next time the patient logs in, they can view their profile and add as many medications or profiles as needed. So, for example, if Mom is in charge of the prescriptions for her whole family, she’s able to add a profile for each child, her spouse, her parents, her pets, and so forth. 

The profile makes it easy for patients to submit their refill without having to remember every Rx number. Patients will use the same login on the Healthsite and the mobile app. 

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