What Digital Pharmacist is responsible for: 

When you purchase Digital Marketing we will set up and optimize your Facebook Ads. Facebook ads will be displayed in the News Feeds of the targeted audience, but will not necessarily be found directly on your Facebook page. If someone is already following you on Facebook, there’s no need to waste ad money to get their attention. That can be done for free, or “organically” by posting to your Facebook wall. 

Ads are able to reach a wider audience than your organic posts. Ads do not show up on your Facebook wall, but you can view the ads that are currently running with this link.

What you are responsible for: 

You are responsible for all of your organic Facebook posts, which means anything that is posted to your actual Facebook page. We strongly encourage you to post on your page for those who are already following your pharmacy.  Facebook is meant to be an engagement platform, so engage! Stay active and involved in the conversation. Your followers will appreciate it.

Watch this video tutorial on how you can post to your Facebook page. 

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