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Getting started with Digital Marketing
Getting started with Digital Marketing

Time to launch your online campaigns

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

What exactly is included with my Digital Marketing subscription? 

Digital Marketing includes Facebook Advertising, Wellness Classes, monthly social posts, and New Patient Call Tracking lines. Click here to view more details about each of the features. 

Setting up Digital Marketing

Once you have signed up, you'll want to connect your Facebook page to Digital Pharmacist. You will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions on how to connect. For more details on connecting your Facebook page, click the button below. 

Here are other tips to know: 

  1.  Send us photos of your staff and your storefront. Personal photos help to drive engagement on Facebook. 

  2. Let us know if you'd like the ads to highlight specific services you offer. If we don't hear about anything specific, we'll create custom copy to drive traffic to your mobile download and patient transfer forms. 

  3. Save [email protected] to your contacts. Use this email to reach out to the Digital Marketing Agency team with questions, concerns, or updates regarding your Digital Marketing subscription. 

Have more questions? Click the link below, or call us at 877-959-7550.

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