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What can I advertise on my Facebook ads?
What can I advertise on my Facebook ads?

Suggestions for Facebook ads

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

You can advertise a lot of different things on your Facebook page, but we are unable to post certain content due to Facebook restrictions. 

Here are ideas for ads to post: 

  • Digital services like your mobile app, Healthsite and/or transfer form. 

  • Delivery services, if applicable. 

  • Your long reputation for great service (example: "We've been proudly serving the Austin area for 20 years!"). 

  • Unique services like compounding or skin care. 

Unfortunately, according to Facebook rules, you cannot advertise for the following: 

  • Specific drug names - We cannot post about brand name or generic medication. 

  • CBD / Hemp Oil - While we understand this is now legal, we unfortunately are unable to post about CBD oil according to Facebook rules.  This means that, even on your website, you will not be able to advertise for this service if you have Facebook ads running. 

  • Specific medical conditions (examples: Lyme Disease, ED, Cancer, etc). 

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