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Build a Positive Online Presence
Build a Positive Online Presence

Let Your Patients Advocate for You

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You serve as your patient’s advocate for better health care and outcomes. It is time to let them advocate for you. 

Many pharmacy owners have told us they are afraid to ask for reviews because of the possibility of getting a bad review. But in reality, your patients are your biggest fans and would love to express their opinion when and if given the opportunity. If you strive to offer excellent customer service and health care, the good reviews will always outweigh the bad ones. 

Our pharmacies that take advantage of our reputation management service see overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback. 

We asked for patient reviews on behalf of 62 pharmacies over a week’s time and 44 patients posted a review across Facebook and Google. 100 percent of these reviews were overwhelmingly positive. 

          25 (5) star reviews on Google
          2 (4) star reviews on Google
         17 "Recommended" reviews on Facebook

Over the past 30 days, we saw 131 positive reviews posted to Facebook and Google. 

Here is some actual patient feedback:

"Our hometown pharmacy is the best! Their mobile app makes refilling prescriptions a snap. When I pull up to the window to pick up my prescriptions, they know me by name. They are a wonderful pharmacy with sweet, caring people.   I have used them for years and they are so awesome! They contact my doctor for me if I need a new prescription and their new app makes getting my refills so simple. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable when I have questions about my medications. All of their staff are so friendly and courteous. I would never go anywhere else." 

 "They are one of the only small family operated pharmacies left in our area. When you call them a real human being answers the phone. That really matters to me! They are there to answer questions and helpful! I called to ask them to them a favor to make my trip to pick up my medications easier since I drive 35 minutes just to go to this small business pharmacy. A month and a half later when I called them they remembered doing the favor and knew exactly what I was talking about. You don't get any of this kind of service at any big business pharmacies around, you just don't! Love this place!!!"

For help implementing patient-verified reviews or help with reputation management, give us a call at 877-959-7550 or email [email protected].

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