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6 best practices to get the most out of Digital Marketing
6 best practices to get the most out of Digital Marketing

Want to optimize your digital marketing and Facebook Ads experience? Follow these quick tips!

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Digital Marketing is designed to supplement your current marketing efforts to spread the word about your pharmacy. In order to make sure your efforts are optimized, follow the below list of 6 best practices.

  1. Highlight services that make your pharmacy unique. Whether it’s free delivery or compounding, showcase services that patients may not receive at the big box chains. Your unique services will help your pharmacy stand out in a highly saturated pharmacy market.

  2. Include personalized photos. After testing hundreds of pharmacies, we found that personal photos drive much higher engagement than stock photos. Your audience wants to see familiar faces on their newsfeed. Personal photos add a human touch to your pharmacy that patients can connect with.

  3. Utilize your free downloadable social posts. If you have the digital marketing product with us, we will send monthly downloadable social posts to help keep your organic posts on social media fresh. These posts are related to holidays and health awareness. Not only do we provide graphics, but we also include suggested copy. All you need to do is download, copy and post.

  4. Read your monthly ROI report. If you have the digital marketing product with us, we will send a monthly ROI report with metrics on your digital marketing. You can stay informed on how your ads are performing. If you don’t see desirable ROI, contact [email protected]. We are more than happy to discuss ways to improve your ads for the following month.

  5. Notify your patients about special promotions and sales. Consumers love nothing more than a good sale. If you have any promotions or sales going on at your pharmacy, include them in your digital marketing. Limited offers on promotions and sales will incentivize your patients to take advantage of the offer today.

  6. Refresh your advertising ideas. Seeing the same ad over and over again can become dull. In order to optimize your engagement each month, it’s best to brainstorm new things to highlight on your ads. Let us know when you’re ready to refresh your ads, and we will make the changes for you.

Use the below tips to get the most out of Digital Pharmacist's Digital Marketing solutions. Not yet subscribed? Reach out at [email protected] and we'll get you started.

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