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How to change the IVR greeting announcement (Video)
How to change the IVR greeting announcement (Video)

Make your greeting personal or updated with seasonal promotions.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

To change your IVR greeting, login to your pharmacy experience, and access your IVR Settings. From there, you have the option to choose a pre-recorded voice we offer to you, or you may record your own. 

To select a new pre-recorded voice, click Languages and Voices from within your IVR manager. From there, you can listen to and select a new voice. 

If you would like to record your own greeting, be sure you are in a quiet room. You’ll need to be able to speak loudly and clearly, without excess background noise. You are then able to upload your recorded greeting under Main Greeting.

Alternatively, you are able to type a greeting and have it read by the voice previously selected.

If you have a greeting that you’d like to play for a certain period of time (ex: holiday hours, promotions, emergency closure, etc.), you are able to select a start and end date for the recording. The default recording will resume after the end-date.

If you are using a Legacy IVR Product, this feature is not available inside of the Portal.

Have more questions? Click the link below, or call us at 877-959-7550.

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