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What are the different types of IVRs?
What are the different types of IVRs?

Different variations on the IVR, to best suit your pharmacy's needs.

Written by Justin Whitener
Updated over a week ago

Below are the most common IVR configurations:

  • IVR-First: All calls coming into the pharmacy would route directly into the IVR. From there, the patient can opt to speak with the pharmacy staff.

  • On-Demand: All calls would first ring into the pharmacy. After a set number of rings, if there is no answer, the call will route to your IVR. This way, the pharmacy will have the first opportunity to answer the call, before it is forwarded to the IVR. 

  • Overflow: All calls will ring into the pharmacy. The IVR will only pick up if all lines are busy, to prevent a busy signal. 

  • After hours: When configured, only calls after hours will be routed through the IVR. This ensures the pharmacy is open 24/7, accepting refills and taking messages. 

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